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As a reminder:? Effective January, 2015, to remain a Cobb County Classroom Substitute, a substitute for a teacher or parapro position is required to work a total of one full day per month.? FSS and Clinic Substitutes are excluded from this change in requirement.

Your User Name is your last name
Your Password is the last 6 digits of your employee number.

If locked out, totally "X" out of your browser and get back in.

To record your name, please call the SubFinder phone number at 1-877-580-8610. Put in your 6 digit passwod and follow the prompts.


SubFinder Telephone number: 1-877-580-8610

For log in problems or Questions please contact:
Sandra Richardson at (770) 426-3419 or email

Substitute Inactive Requirement Form: Inactive Requirement SF.pdf


Cobb County School Board has approved a pay increase for substitutes to $80/day for the 2014-2015 SY.

SAME DAY ASSIGNMENTS: The list of job assignments below are ACTIVE even if they have already started or are about to start.
We still need your help filling the assignment. If you accept a job assignment that has already started or is about to start today,
please contact the school to inform them that you have accepted the job assignment and that you are on the way to their site.
This will help the school plan for coverage until you arrive. There is a link below for school telephone numbers and a map of district site locations.

Link of all Schools with telephone numbers(Teachers/Paras Subs):
Link of all Schools with telephone numbers(Food Service Subs):
Link of District Map: Map 2013-14.pdf


If SubFinder is calling you, the phone number that appears on your caller id will be (570-651-XXXX). This is a Pennsylvania number, where SubFinder calls now originate, so please answer!

Upon logging out please make sure that you have updated your telephone number and email address.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your paycheck, ALL Substitutes are required to complete a direct deposit or cash card form. If you have NOT completed a form, please do so IMMEDIATELY by selecting the appropriate link and forwarding the original, completed form to Payroll along with documented routing and account numbers to Payroll or fax to 678-594-8566. Keep a copy for your records.

Payroll Direct Deposit Form: Deposit 2013.pdf

Payroll Cash Pay Card Authorization Enrollment: Pay Card Authorization Enrollment


For Employees:
  1. Your Tutorial first, for Employees:
  2. Your Instruction & Users Guide:
For Substitutes:
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